Paul Brennan

Tech lead and software engineer

Paul at Wastwater

Mission Statement

I will...

Make developers’ lives easier. Remove the crap that surrounds them on a daily basis so that they can get on with doing their jobs. Help out with the menial tasks, the documentation, the distractions and the unnecessary meetings.

Empower people, give them autonomy and the power to make meaningful decisions.

Promote quality code, quality tests and a collaborative, learning culture. Encourage experimentation and new technology when appropriate and keep existing code bases as current and up-to date as possible. No one likes working on legacy code.

Be open, honest and entirely transparent. Give feedback frequently, constructive criticism when needed and praise whenever possible. Say thank you, publicly and privately.

Allow personalities to shine, but be respectful of those who wish to keep quiet.

Be kind.


Over 15 years in the tech industry, and more than 10 leading people.

Team leader

Managed small and large teams including both technical and non-technical roles.

Technical architect

Designed complex websites and tools for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients.

Software engineer

Lead and contributed to dozens of projects. Expert in Ruby & JavaScript.

Change advocate

Introduced new processes, merged teams and businesses. Drive change in a positive way.

Stakeholder management

Primary technical contact for internal and external stakeholders. Responsible for maintaining good client relationships.

Teacher & Student

Grown and developed junior developers into senior devs. Always learning and keeping upto date with technology trends.

my family

Dad, husband and dog owner

Mrs Brennan, mini-Brennan, crazy furry Brennan and cute furry Brennan makes my house a happy home. Walking and exploring is a big part of how we have fun together as a family.

my games

Board Game enthusiast

I love to collect and play modern board games. I'll quite happily sit and play a game for hours on end. There's nothing more exciting than opening a brand new box of cardboard. Whether it's to play on my own or with friends and family, there's something about a physical game that scratches an itch that a computer game couldn't touch.

I occasionally blog about some of the games I play and I'm active in online board game communities.

Just don't ask me to play Monopoly.

wembley stadium

Sports fan

I like all sports (yes, even darts). Will quite happily watch sport all day given the chance. Specifically watching my beloved Burnley FC struggle to get into the premiership and watching the drama of the NFL each season from across the pond. Big Colts fan.

Yes, even snooker.